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Neurodigm Jobs

Neurodigm is always looking for artificial intelligence talents with an open mind and a challenging spirit that harmoniously pursues autonomy and responsibility. Even if you are not an AI expert, we hope that you will be able to develop your AI technology capabilities and specific dreams for the future while experiencing the changing AI development environment with Neurodigm's advanced AI researchers.

The door of Neurodigm is always open.

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  • AI (deep learning) research and development

  • No experience (can apply as a new employee)

  • Experienced in AI R&D/graduated from computer related department

Working conditions

  • Work type: full-time

  • Workplace: Neurodigm Headquarters

  • Working hours: flexible working hours 5 days a week

  • Salary: Determined after interview (large company level)

  • Various welfare benefits

Admission procedure

  • 1st round: document screening

  • 2nd round: technical interview

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