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ND Technology

Neurodigm's research and development in artificial intelligence technology

밝은 아이디어 전구


AI prediction technology

What if you could predict in advance the big and small accidents that can happen in your daily life and unexpected situations? Neurodigm's concerns began with this question, whose results are expected just by imagining it in various fields such as crime prevention, traffic management, disaster prevention and recovery, and energy management.

“How great would it be if you could predict the future?”


If only it could be predicted, unfortunate situations can be prevented by predicting the collapse of various facilities such as bridges, dams and buildings in advance. By applying it to a car that is composed of complex mechanical devices, it will be possible to determine the vehicle's condition, or it will be possible to lower the manufacturing cost and increase the yield by detecting abnormalities in the machinery in advance in the manufacturing plant. It can also be applied to the stock market to pursue stable returns. The artificial intelligence prediction system that Neurodigm is researching is a technology in which artificial intelligence learns and analyzes past and present data to predict future data. Even when AI lacks data to learn, it has high system reliability and robustness because it is designed in a structure that performs task-definition-driven reinforcement learning. Neurodigm has completed the engineization of the "ND_Prophet" system for the general purpose of artificial intelligence prediction system, and is realizing engine performance upgrade and application field expansion through various and continuous R&D.

비디오 카메라 렌즈

Vision Recognition

AI vision recognition technology

Do you know that vision recognition technology has the widest application range among AI technologies such as access security, finance, public health, medical care, architecture, civil engineering, energy, and manufacturing?

It can detect cancer through vision recognition, control access by recognizing faces, rediscover things that people didn't know about, and create cars that can drive autonomously.

However, the key to vision recognition technology is accuracy.

When the license plate recognition system, which is common in parking lots, does not recognize my car, we think that it is less accurate than a person, and we feel that it lacks usefulness. As such, the higher the recognition rate for accuracy rather than the meaning of the technology itself, the more satisfactory the user experience for vision recognition technology.

Neurodigm has won numerous first prizes in global AI vision recognition competitions, and is actively conducting research in various fields to lead AI vision recognition technology in the global market.

To apply the OD & OT (Object Detection & Object Tracking) technology, the core of the vision recognition system, to various fields, we have completed the vision recognition artificial intelligence engine called “ND_Eye”.

Neurodigm's “ND_Eye” is designed to be applicable to both edge devices and cloud environments.


Now, enhance the perfection of your vision recognition application with “ND_Eye”.

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