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AI IoT Station

AIOTS is a platform that preforms prediction/classification and anomaly detection based on time series data generated from structures such as smart factories, large bridges, and buildings.

AIOTS performs key functions of smart factory. AIOTS learns the data generated from the smart factory to lower the manufacturing cost, block the errors of mechanical devices in advance, and at the same time improve the production yield by selecting the mechanical devices that frequently deteriorate in performance. Based on the collected data, it analyzes the error of the mechanical device by itself, and analyzes and detects  the problem of the equipment condition in real time.

Because detects or abnormalities of mechanical devices are detected in advance, unexpected situations caused by mechanical device errors can be preemptively blocked.

AIOTS protects human life from risks that may occur in advance by predicting the collapse of structures or detection abnormal situations based on sensor data generated from large structures such as bridges and buildings. Through proactive management, it is possible to eliminate risk factors in advance and significantly reduce management costs. Now, instead of the inspection and judgement that relied on the naked eye of many workers, AIOTS' bright eyes and excellent brain specialized in managing the safety of structures can ensure the safety of structures through future prediction more accurately.


AIOTS on Cloud


AIOTS on Edge device

Temperature precition

Behavior prediction

Anomaly detection 1

Anomaly detection 2

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